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Professional Service For Your Ear's Health

Qualified clinical audiologist with a specialisation in earwax removal offering a range of services in the comfort of your home or in our clinics.

* All our services are available in our Clinics or in the comfort of your home, work office, nursing home, hotel, schools and more.

At Mobile Earwax Specialist, we offer a range of services in our Clinics or in the comfort of your home, work office, nursing home and more.

Schedule A Service Today

Choose at your location or in our clinic and submit the form to schedule a service.

      Schedule A Service Today

      Choose at your location or in our clinic and submit the form to schedule a service.

          Licensed & Accredited

          Exceptional service to the highest standards of patient care in a safe, effective, and professional manner. Medicare rebate and bulk billing available.

          100% Customer Focused

          We spend time getting to know our patients to increase their quality of life and understand the impact earwax can have on their life.

          Comfort of Your Home

          Mobile Earwax Specialist direct to your door. We come to you, simply call us today for an appointment.

          Modern Clinics

          We provide cutting-edge technology and expert audiologists for personalised assessments and hearing aid fittings.

          What Makes Us Different

          • No need to wait 3-6 month for appointments.
          • We are here for everyone from the age of 4 years old and above.
          • Services available in our clinics or from the comfort of your home.
          • Same high-quality service for all our appointments from wherever you are Home, Work Office, Nursing home, Hotel, Schools and more.
          • Earwax is removed 96% of the time in your first appointment.

          CALL US: 1300 EAR DOC

          Our numbers speaks for itself.


          Unique Services


          Satisfied Patients


          5 Star Ratings


          Cleaned Ears

          Extensive Training & Experience

          Our audiologist is highly skilled in providing a wide range of audiology services, including hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, cochlear implants, tinnitus management, and balance disorders.

          They have specialized knowledge in pediatric audiology, tinnitus management, and balance issues. With their patient-centered approach, you can trust them to provide personalized solutions for your hearing health needs.

          CONTACT US

          Trusted by clients all over Sydney.

          With over 70+ 5 Star Google My Business reviews.

          Dalyce Pearson
          Dalyce Pearson
          I would highly recommend Mo! I was super desperate to have my ears unblocked and he fit me in super last minute and unblocked my ears pain free and effectively. I was so grateful !!
          Steven Thrupp
          Steven Thrupp
          Fantastic Service!! Highly recommend!! The time and care taken was outstanding and the result amazing!
          Vanessa Lyneth Binobo
          Vanessa Lyneth Binobo
          Called in for an urgent appointment and he was very accommodating to squeeze us in for a same day schedule. My son (7yo) felt very comfortable and confident while he was doing the procedure. Highly recommended!!! Thank you so much, Mo!
          Niamh Egan
          Niamh Egan
          Couldn’t recommend Mo enough! My ear was blocked for over a week, I contacted Mo at 11am on Sunday and he arrived within an hour. He's very thorough and explained everything step by step. Fantastic service and experience!!
          Sammual Allan
          Sammual Allan
          Very good service and very attentive . Mo Was very careful as I requested and made sure that it was done very safely . I was very pleased with the result .
          F C
          F C
          My daughter is 6yrs old and for the past 12 months we have been desperate in trying everything and going to multiple doctors who just gaslighted us akd said here use this spray it should fine in days. Well 12 months went by ajd it only got worse. Finally a doctor gave us this recommendation and the best part he comes to you. My little girl had anxiety all week waiting for her appointment and she was in tears absolutely petrified. Not only was the specialist sensative to her feelings he built great repor with her. He was fantastic and explained everything to her showed her the camera, tools and explained in detail how they worked. He spoke with her using terminology she would understand. He was very gentle and made her so comfortable. He worked incredibly fast and was done within minutes. Her ears were completely clean and unblocked and she cheered that she could hear better again. We couldn't be more appreciative pf how amazing he was with her, how respectful, friendly and understanding. If you have children please choose this place!!!! He gave us advice and a discount. He also took off his shoes before coming in which showed me he was very sensitive to my cultural beliefs and i really appreciated that too. Very courteous. Another thing I really was impressed with is how he was pro concent. He spoke directly to my daughter and asked her if she was ok, he said to her if you want me to stop say stop and he made sure she understood that she was the boss of her body and her personal space. Highly highly recommend!!!!!!
          Luke Cerruto
          Luke Cerruto
          My kid was scared before and Mo was excellent calmed her down and went through procedure quickly and painless.
          Jasmin Hu
          Jasmin Hu
          I'm an audiologist and I recently referred a client of mine to Mo. My client had hard impacted wax in both ears, which had been blocking her hearing for months. When she returned to my clinic after Mo removed her wax, she was overjoyed and couldn't stop raving about him! 😀 Now her ear canals are clear and her hearing has returned to normal. I would definitely recommend Mo again 🙂
          Louie Pelaez
          Louie Pelaez
          very good experience!…very informative, kind and professional…thank you for cleaning my ears Mo…highly recommended…

          What is Micro-suction?

          It is a quick, easy, and painless method for earwax removal. Your clinician will carefully observe the process with an O-Scope; converging 3D lenses fitted with a bright light.

          This is used to ensure that direct vision of your ear canal and drum is maintained at all times. With a clear view to the ear canal now, a small sucker works is introduced like a gentle vacuum to clear any earwax, debris, or foreign objects from the ears.

          Why is it the best ear wax removal method?

          Micro-suction is the golden standard for earwax removal. It provides the patient with quick, safe, and effective experience.

          For whom is Micro-suction suitable for?

          • Children
          • Elderly
          • Infection debris
          • Individuals who have previously had ear surgery
          • The everyday person who requires the removal of ear wax or a foreign object
          • Individuals with perforated ear drums or have vertigo(dizziness)